Why You Need to Try Low Angle Photography

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There are plenty of things you can do to try and compose a more interesting photo.

You can add layers to the shot – foreground, midground, and background elements that give the image greater depth.

You can look for dramatic lighting that gives you the opportunity to use shadows and highlights to create visual interest.

You can also strive to frame your shots from a unique perspective, like from up high or down low.

Low angle shooting, in particular, is an interesting compositional trick to use.

Here’s why.

Low Angles Add Depth

The whole point of photography is to represent a three-dimensional scene on a two-dimensional medium such that it looks three-dimensional.

It sounds confusing, but it really isn’t!

A print, laptop screen, or smartphone screen is a two-dimensional space, but by creating a photo using a low angle of view, you can increase the perceived depth of the shot.

In the image above, kneeling down allowed the photographer to incorporate more foreground into the shot, which increases the perceived depth. The addition of the texture of the sand, and the associated shadows gives the shot more visual interest as well.

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