Top ten tips in capturing enduring landscapes

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Photography has long been a form of creative outlet; with the dawn of digital technology it has made this art form accessible thus the emergence of so many enthusiasts in the world today. Landscape photography is one genre that is now gaining popularity. And with airline fares being cheap, exotic destinations like Iceland, Norway, New Zealand, etc. are easier to go to.

Here are some tips to help you in capturing those timeless and enduring scenes;

Use a reliable camera. Landscape or outdoor photography means you are in uncontrolled environment. It is essential that you use a camera that will not falter in any conditions. Make sure your cameras are weather sealed or buy a system that is know to perform well in rugged outdoor.

Read the manual. Until now, I still read the manual from time to time. Knowing your gear is essential, you can maximize the potential of your camera.

Attend Workshops. The emergence of professional workshops has increased the learning curve. Today new enthusiasts can learn different genre of photography in a short time. Our photo tours have workshops included that takes you to the right place at the right moment armed with the right techniques.

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