Simple Strategies for Protecting Your Camera Gear

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When I think back to how naive I was when I first started in photography, I can’t help but chuckle.

I spent way too much on a camera body and not enough on lenses.

I also spent more time than I’d like to admit chimping instead of checking the histogram.

There were plenty of compositional and technical errors too.

But I also have to cringe at how I neglected my gear.

I mean, I didn’t even have a real camera bag to carry my stuff – I just dropped it in a regular backpack and off I went.

It’s a wonder my first camera and lens made it through all that unscathed…

I’m lucky in that regard because all that gear isn’t just expensive, but it’s got some delicate pieces and parts, too.

That’s why you need to not follow my example and take steps to ensure your equipment is safe, sound, and protected.

Here’s how…

Get a UV Filter

Perhaps one of the easiest things you can do to keep your lens glass safe from scratches and environmental contaminants is to get a UV filter.

Some photographers thumb their nose at this idea because they don’t want to degrade the sharpness their expensive lens can achieve by slapping a crappy UV filter on the front of it.

There’s a point to that, to be sure. But the lesson is to use a good UV filter, not a poor quality one.

Kenko makes a great UV filter that offers exceptional build quality that’s been honed over decades of manufacturing experience in Japan.

Their UV filter has polished optical glass that not only protects your lens but maintains the sharpness and quality of the image that you demand.

Kenko has mastered the art of building quality filters, and their UV filter is no exception. See how Kenko manufactures their filters in the video below:

This particular UV filter has a SLIM ring mount, so you don’t have to worry about vignetting when shooting with a wide-angle lens. They’re also available in a variety of common sizes, from 37mm up to 82mm.

Better still, the Kenko UV filter won’t set you back a ton of money, so you can afford to add more pieces to your kit, like Kenko’s circular polarizing filter.

In fact, these UV filters start at just over $11.

That means you get a high-quality UV filter that won’t impact the quality of your images and that will protect your precious lens glass from scratches, dust, dirt, rain, and other elements, all for the price of a couple of coffees.

Talk about a deal!

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