Simple Photography Tips : 5 Tips To Frame The Perfect Photo

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Framing and composition are two of the most important concepts budding photographers need to fully understand to become better. But like any medicine they can also be boring, rigid, and creatively stifling if taught in the wrong way. Within the post the hope is to provide you with some simple photography tips to help frame and compose your shots for maximum impact, sans the ‘Ben Stein’ voice.

The Difference Between Framing And Composition

It would be wise to clear up a common misconception relating to framing versus composition, because the two are often used interchangeably, though one isn’t synonymous with the other. Framing refers to the physical placement of the camera; In other words, where you, as the photographer, have decided to stand and point your camera, and in what angle and so on. On the other hand, composition refers to the arrangement of all elements within your scene. If you imagine somebody photographing the room you are sat in now. The placement and direction the camera is pointed dictates the framing, and the way they arrange the items in the room will dictate the composition.

It’s not necessarily important to know this, the terminology won’t affect your photos and it’s probably something you’ll do naturally. However, it is useful to understand the lingo so you can fully comprehend photographic discussion. In actual fact, the same can be said for many principles concerned with framing, composition and what attracts the eye. You probably know a lot about them already but it’s helpful to pin them down so you can create repeatable results.

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