Learn to Take Stunning Photos With These Simple Photography Tips

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Consider Light AND Shadows

The mistake that some new photographers make when creating a photo is that they only look at light.

That is, they see a sunset with its beautiful colors and soft light and think that’s all that’s needed for a great landscape photo.

As far as photography tips go, you also have to consider how shadows come into the mix.

In the image above, for example, the sunset is gorgeous, but the silhouette of the mountain isn’t.

Because the mountain takes up so much room in the shot, and because you can’t see any details in that area, the shadows make this image feel heavy and incomplete.

This image, on the other hand, has a much better balance between light and shadows.

Notice how there are areas of bright light, midtones, and dark shadows, all working together to create a nicely balanced image.

Though there’s nothing wrong with silhouettes, it’s often a better bet to try to balance out light and shadows.

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