Learn to Take Stunning Photos With These Simple Photography Tips

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Don’t Forget the Background

Whether you’re taking a photo of a person, an animal, a landscape or something in between, it’s important not to focus solely on the primary subject, but also to consider the background.

That’s because the background can either help or hinder the photo by bringing attention to the subject or taking attention away from it.

In the image above, the background is too bright, and the tree behind the model looks like it’s extending out from the top of her head.

In other words, while the model looks lovely, the background is simply too distracting and takes our attention away from the subject.

In this example, notice how the brightness of the shot is much more consistent from front to back. That is, the background is no longer popping off the screen as it was in the previous shot.

What’s more, by placing the model on the pathway, the lines it creates as it moves into the background of the shot helps frame the subject, keeping our eyes on her rather than wandering around the shot.

So, as you can see, in learning how to take better pictures, consider how the background impacts the shot.

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