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We kicked off the #LandscapeJuly blogs with a guide to all the types of kit many landscape photographer pack into their bags, and explained how it helps to achieve technically better images. Over the next few weeks we’ve gathered three more blogs covering how to maximise your shots, location pointers and shooting tips and tricks. Hopefully, these will help you hone your landscape photography, and have you shooting like a pro.

Maximising your shots

Shoot in raw When shooting landscapes, you’ll need to get the maximum amount of detail you can between the shadows and highlights. By shooting in raw format, you’ll be able to capture the most amount of detail possible and can then adjust it in post-production until the result.

But if you’re shooting JPEG…

Make sure you have your white balance settings right. Setting a custom white balance is the best way to do this, as you’ll be able to visualise the results on the back screen.

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