iPhone Photography : 12 Tips On Improving Your Photos

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5. Use the grid for better composition

A photographer’s best trick is using the rule of thirds for better compositions. It’s a way to figure out how to frame your shot using the proportions of 9 rectangles. You can pull up this feature on your phone by going to Settings, Photos & Camera menu and tap the ‘Grid’ option to activate it. When you go back to your camera, you’ll see the grid lightly visible on your screen.

6. Pay attention to lighting

Lighting is just as important to mobile photograph as it is with professional cameras. If there isn’t much lighting, you likely noticed that your photographs lack the high quality you desire and graininess becomes an issue. Remember to keep the light source behind you and don’t get thrown off by shooting at night! You will learn a lot about lighting by shooting at different times of the day. Use flash when shooting at night if the lighting conditions are mediocre.

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