7 Tips to Take Your Landscape Photography to the Next Level

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2. Arrive Ahead of the Best Light

Landscape photography is all about lighting. Typically the best times to shoot are the hours around sunrise and sunset. Most of us don’t really enjoy getting up early in the morning, but if quality photos is your goal, being in location before sunrise is a great start.

Sunrise is my favorite time to photograph because even at popular locations you can often find solitude by getting out early. The light will often be beautiful before the sun reaches the horizon, so be sure to get out well ahead of sunrise.

Sunset is an equally effective time to photograph, and the hour or two before the sun sets will also bring beautiful light. Don’t pack up your gear as soon as the sun drops below the horizon. Often times, about 30-45 minutes after sunset will produce beautiful color.

3. Shoot According to the Weather

The ideal weather will depend on what it is that you want to photograph. For example, waterfalls are typically best photographed on cloudy, overcast days. However, if you want to capture the sunset from a majestic vista, an overcast day will not be ideal.

All types of weather are ideal for photographing different things, so be flexible and adapt what you are shooting depending on the current weather.

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