7 Surprising Tips to Level Up Your Photography

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4. Over or Under expose.

We are trained to look at our histograms and set exposure to create a nice normal curve. But what if we push that curve up or down? A high key image can create a magical, ethereal feel like a half-remembered dream. A low-key image has the opposite effect of producing a dystopian feel. How far can we push this? ​

Over or under exposing can also make your shot look more like the scene you actually saw. This is true of snow scenes that your camera will underexpose and make the snow look grey and sunsets where the camera over exposes loosing the low light and colour in the sky.

5. Don’t take more pictures.

Take more time. Look at your results on the screen and ask yourself how you might improve it, what you could do differently. Change your settings, change your viewpoint, wait for different light. You will take fewer shots but end up with a higher percentage of good ones. You’ll also become more familiar with exactly what your camera can do.

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