7 Surprising Tips to Level Up Your Photography

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You have a state of the art DSLR, some top-notch lenses and great accessories but your photos don’t stand out.

You’ve honed your craft with advice from magazines, books and blogs, taken hundreds of pictures but there is still something missing.

Surely with the equipment you have, you should be creating something special? You’re worried you lack the talent, that you will never create something with real WOW factor. Your dream is to make a mark but even with all this investment in money and time, you feel that dream slipping away.

But what if you stop following every convention? Be daring, break a rule. After all those rules are just guidelines, made to be broken when you know how. If you are floating in a sea of similar images, take control, grab hold of the tiller and steer a different course.

1. Ditch the Rule of Thirds.

OK, so it works a lot of the time to create a picture people feel comfortable with. But you are not always after comfortable. A gritty urban landscape may be asking to be cut in two, A perfect reflection might benefit from the symmetry. A small detail in a vast landscape may look too prominent at a power point. Think about what you are trying to portray emotionally as well as visually. ​​

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