7 Mistakes You’re Making With Your Photos (and How to Stop)

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The Subject Isn’t Strong Enough

It might seem like a no-brainer that your photos need to have a subject, but it’s surprisingly easy to take a photo without anywhere for the viewer’s eyes to land.

Sure, you can shoot a scene that has gorgeous colors and excellent contrast and beautiful light, but if there’s not strong content along with those qualities I just listed, the image will fall flat.

And don’t think that a strong subject means that it has to occupy a ton of space in the frame (though, that helps…more on that in a bit).

Instead, strong subjects can draw our attention because of their placement in the frame (by using the rule of thirds) or by their visual weight (by making them stand out with color or light).

Strong subjects can even be emotions or ideas, too.

The point is that when you look at your photos, ask yourself, “What draws my attention?” If you can’t answer that question, you need to work on including a stronger subject.

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