4 Essential Ingredients for Great Landscape Photographs

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3. Clean Background

Just as important as the main subject is what is behind it.

Clutter and distracting elements can ruin an otherwise good image. This is where perspective becomes important. You must find an angle to photograph your subject so there are no distracting elements in the background. That can mean getting up high and shooting down on your subject so the background is filled with only one texture, or getting low and shooting upwards so the background is filled with only sky.

Try to isolate your subject and simplify the image as much as possible.

4. Interesting Composition

I like to think of photography as the opposite of painting. Painters start with a blank canvas and start adding things to it, whereas photographers are presented with a scene full of details and must start eliminating things from it until it contains only the most important elements of the scene. Then, those elements must be arranged to create an interesting graphic design.

Remember the building blocks of composition that you can rely on to create interesting graphic designs:

  • lines
  • curves
  • textures
  • patterns
  • shapes
  • colours
  • frames

The “trick,” if there is one, is to make all four of these things come together. It will take patience, perseverance, and a little luck.

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